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Discover the Simply Smart Way To Get Dressed To Meet Your Needs and Goals.

By Judith Rasband
©2018 Conselle Institute of Image Management

The DressUp Club™ invites you to join the fastest growing association in the world. Membership is FREE. We’ve got DressUp Club™ members all across America, Northward into Canada and South into Mexico, Central, and South America, across the water in the Philippines, China, and throughout India.

This exciting invitation to dress up kicks off with a KISS! “Keep It Simple Sweetheart.” I’m a Great-Grandmom, old enough to call everybody Sweetie—children, teens, women, and men. While I may be getting older, just like you, I am not elderly! I outlast the energizer bunny. Hm-m-m, younger and older. Where you are I’ve already been and you can bet I learned a thing or two. And where I am, you’re coming.

Here’s something simple to learn. We recognize all truth in terms of opposites—black and white, short and tall, night and day, good and evil, sorrow and joy, and so on. You must recognize and experience the one or you can’t relate to or appreciate the other. Between any set of opposites is a continuum or a scale with different degrees positioned on it. It makes for diversity.

“Dress and undress” are two of the most complex opposites in the world, with differing degrees between. There’s not a business or field of study you can name that doesn’t tie into to dress in some way. Advice to “dress up and dress down” are two of the most controversial and emotionally based topics in the world! In my work I have to deal with “attitude” everyday. I want you to understand and experience them both in the days ahead, “dress up and dress down”—and in the process, I intend to make it simple for you. That’s my job, to know the complexity but make it simple for you to apply in your everyday life.

In the DressUp Club™ we make experiences happen. In dressing for different places and occasions, I want you to experience differences between tailored and untailored clothing styles, between warmer and cooler colors, lightweight and heavyweight fabrics—how they look, how they allow or make you feel, and what they communicate. Don’t speak the language of clothes? I translate. And I promise you, on every continuum or scale, there is a place of preference or purpose for you. I’ll help you discover your place and personal style according to your lifestyle roles and goals—what works for you, what doesn’t, and why.

Why juggle a whole lot of clothes that don’t really work for you. In fact, they may be working against you and you’re not even aware. The DressUp Club™ intends to help you manage your wardrobe and your image, eliminating the need for damage control. It’s never been simpler for you to put together a wardrobe that works for you. Why wait? Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get the knowledge and support you need to enable and empower yourself through the way you dress, care for, and carry yourself. It will become simple for you too.